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Freighter Captain

A searing series of voyages into the violent, lawless underbelly of tramp shipping. Capt. Max Hardberger and his crew fought a non-stop battle against crooked charterers, treacherous agents, and the sea itself. They came face-to-face with bandits in Jamaica, violent stowaways in the Dominican Republic, and warring gangs in post-Duvalier Haiti. It was a world of desperation and danger, where only the captain’s will and the loyalty of his crew stood between the ship and disaster.

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Stephen Geller says:

Freighter Captain rocks the Carribean! Captain Hardbergers semi autobiographical book reads like the truth. I am a sailor, and a lover of books about deep water passages. Having read many books by amateur authors who have sailed around the world or desperate descriptions of wartime adventure, I have developed a feel for good narrative.

Neil Okrent says:

Seamy Freighter Tale Freighter Captain is about operating an old, poorly-maintained bulk cargo freighter between the US Gulf ports and Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Honduras. It’s a “tell it like it is” tale, with plenty of technical detail along with the adventure.

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