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French Onion Soup – Condensed French Onion Soup – Epic Friday Kitchen Tips!


Stephanie Martinez says:

Your the Best Chef Kendra!

Lateefa Nelson says:

Wow Iam a total fan of Chef Kendra she saved me alot of time and money by
not buying cook books that I don’t even need, and time wise her food never
goes over 30 mins that’s what I am talking about cooking made easy in
mins….You get my kudos keep them recipes coming as Kendra would say ” I
am out peace!”

Nathammer says:


madhousenmich says:

OMG thanks

curvbyb5qua3 says:

So that’s all it is huh?? I will never buy canned again 🙂 thanks chef

MrBobby129 says:

Love your videos

madwilliamflint says:

THAT’S good to know.

ema xema says:

Thumbs up CK!!! :D

NusaybahBintKa3b says:

I like that ur videos are straight to the point. I’ve gotten so many ideas
of things to cook. Thanks so much!

Tarheel Philly says:

Quick and easy

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