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From Reel to Deal: Everything You Need to Create a Successful Independent Film


Anonymous says:

Looks dodgy. Is amazing This book sounds like a dodgy sales pitch from someone who doesn’t know anything but take it form me it’s not. I direct TV commercials for a living and want to move into features, so I picked this up because it was $5 as a digital download. I thought ‘why not?’ This guy has amazing insights and gives a full blueprint on how to do it. Actual solutions. For example, one thing I know from shooting occasional lower budget work is that you have to make the best with one simple location and try to…

Anonymous says:

The Original Low-Budget Film Guru For those unfamiliar with Dov Simens, he began his film career producing films for Roger Corman… probably the single-most successful low-budget filmmaker in American history (having directed and/or produced more than 400 movies.) Dov discovered that, as much as he liked producing, he enjoyed teaching production in short workshop formats even more. So he began teaching workshops at some of the leading film schools, including UCLA, USC and NYU before founding his own program and organization…

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