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Gab & Dad review Captain Phillips (SPOILER FREE)


GabnDad says:

Mulkey was good! As I said in our review, I really liked the story that took place on the ship – Cpt. Phillips and his crew using their wits.
Definitely want Max & Victor to see Gravity! Dad has to see it too.

twojewsonfilm says:

Welcome back dad…Great review. Seeing it on Monday. So one of our closest friends, Chris Mulkey played the ship’s engineer.  He had a great time in Malta shooting the film. You must take Max to see ‘Gravity’. John gave it 4 bagels out of 5 as you know…A pre Xmas Miracle. LOL xo

GabnDad says:

Some would say you can’t “spoil” a true story… but I (Gab) didn’t know this story – and that enhanced my enjoyment of the film! Either way, yes, the skillful direction (and script) allows for great tension either way. Hope you enjoy the film!

DrHasslein says:

Really great review guys! And I appreciate the absence of spoilers, not many people take the effort to do that in their reviews. Tom Hanks is my favourite actor, has been for many years. It’s pretty skilful film-making to keep the audience on edge when you already know what the outcome will be, like you mentioned with Zero Dark Thirty. They still make you consider the possibility that things might go the other way.

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