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Sollar says:

I fuckin’ love his books, +1 for killing Joffrey

tominhawaii says:

You’re welcome. You have to imagine if he didn’t write GOT’s, people would expect him to say, “M’lady,” and rip on his neck beard.

Sarkofagen says:

also 1+1+1 = 3

ArniePye says:

And 3/111 = 0.027027027027027. Which safely rounds to 0.03. 0.03*100 = 3. COINCIDENCE?

SteveRB2 says:

*wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

sjs8190 says:

Two letters of the alphabet and a number.

diar says:

I should play HL1 some day..

lazerhosen says:


raspyberry says:

It’s not even announced. It’s no where near DNF.

wombatzilla says:

Wagner also wrote “the ring cycle” there are heaps of great books on it… eg. Penetrating Wagner’s Ring……

vigilantwalrus says:

Gaben, our lord and savior. Blessed though, for us u steam have brouth. brocolli may he eat who never has tasted the gaping steam.

KitFox says:

Halo Legends 3.

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