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Gay Teen Disowned By Parents Using $94,000 He Raised For LGBTQ Shelter (Video)

Daniel Pierce, the 19-year-old who was verbally brutalized by his family after coming out as gay, is enabling other gay teens to succeed.

Pierce, who received almost $94,000 in donations, has passed on much of the money to Lost-N-Found Youth. The organization helps struggling LGBTQ teens get on their feet after being disowned or abandoned by their families.

A quiet Pierce took the stage at a Lost-N-Found open house, saying,

This has been a crazy ride… I just want to thank everyone for the kind comments. It’s just helping me get through a lot of this. I’m glad I can share my story and hopefully change some lives with it.

Lost-N-Found is currently in the process of breaking ground on its new shelter, which will have over 50 beds and triple the organization’s current available space.

H/T: Joe My God

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