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George Takei Takes Sides In Sochi Debate: “Move The Olympics”

Johnny Nunez / WireImage / Getty Images

George Takei — of Star Trek fame and who has more than 4 million Facebook fans — spoke out Tuesday on the growing controversy over Russia’s hosting the Olympics while passing and enforcing anti-LGBT laws.

To start, he wrote that the Olympics should be moved out of Russia:

Got your attention?

Monica Schipper / Getty Images

Then, he responded to critics of his call:

Suhaimi Abdullah / Getty Images

And told NBC — which has exclusive U.S. broadcast rights for the Sochi Olympics — to pay attention too:

He shared it with his more than 750,000 Twitter followers:

Twitter: @GeorgeTakei

And his more than 4.3 million Facebook fans:

Facebook: georgehtakei

In sum: “Live long and prosper. But don’t mess with Takei.”

Suhaimi Abdullah / Getty Images

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