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Get the white people out of Footscray (Gentrification documentary)


Tim Lawley says:

wuts da name of the song playin? track list plz.

donovan tillet says:

why you focus on me and say “influx of outsiders” you BASTARD

Luca Bellesi says:

Told u it would get more than 200 :)

Geoff Foley says:

Looks like I won’t be going to Foota-scray for cannoli ever again. I’m far
too white foak. Damn you Bones!

Rune Erling Kverndokk Hansen says:

Ship the “White foak” to Sweden. 

Alexandra McKenzie says:

ahahahahahahahhahahaha. so truuuuuue. funny stuff, i love it

BonesytheOG says:

I learned a lot, a lot I learned.

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