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Getting Stuck In Trees Isn’t Just For Cats Anymore, As These Firefighters Found Out

Firefighters are used to rescuing scared cats from tall trees, but what about dogs?

When the Plattsmouth Fire Department in Nebraska got a call one night about a 120-pound dog stuck 20 feet up in a tree, they thought for sure it was a prank. They were a little bit shocked when they turned up at the scene to find Kora, a Great Dane, sitting high up in a tree, looking down at them with her big, bright eyes.

After a bit of brainstorming, the team of firefighters were finally able to lower Kora from the tree using a rope, a ladder, and a police dog harness. Several feet from the ground, Kora’s weight snapped her restraints, but a few brave volunteers were there to catch her with a big tarp.

Although she was a little cold after all that time in the tree, Kora wasn’t hurt and was happy to be down, running straight for the house once she was on solid ground.

Hopefully, she’ll leave tree climbing to cats from now on.

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