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Ghost Soldiers: The Epic Account of World War II’s Greatest Rescue Mission

“The greatest World War II story never told” (Esquire)—an enthralling account of the heroic mission to rescue the last survivors of the Bataan Death March. 

On January 28, 1945, 121 hand-selected U.S. troops slipped behind enemy lines in the Philippines. Their mission: March thirty rugged miles to rescue 513 POWs languishing in a hellish camp, among them the last survivors of the infamous Bataan Death March. A recent prison massacre by Japanese soldiers elsewhere in the Philippines made the stakes impossibly high and left little time to plan the complex operation.

In Ghost Soldiers Hampton Sides vividly re-creates this daring raid, offering a minute-by-minute narration that unfolds alongside intimate portraits of the prisoners and their lives in the camp. Sides shows how the POWs banded together to survive, defying the Japanese authorities even as they endured starvation, tropical diseases, and torture. Harrowing, poignant, and inspiring, Ghost Soldiers is the mesmerizing story of a remarkable mission. It is also a testament to the human spirit, an account of enormous bravery and self-sacrifice amid the most trying conditions.

Product Features

  • Soldiers
  • WW II
  • Rescue
  • Mission
  • Phillipines

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Anonymous says:

Stunning The words that came from WWII are part of our cultural vocabulary (for those of a certain age). Reading this book changed my cozy comfort with the sacrifices of our soldiers to a humbled, grateful prayer for their very existence. The soldiers were a cross section of regular people selected by fate and circumstance for a crushing existence. A number survived. A larger number did not. They thought they had been abandoned to death and slavery by our country. A group was rescued by another group of…

Anonymous says:

Remarkable book, remarkable author

Anonymous says:

Spectacular Having just read the author’s “In the Kingdom of Ice” and enjoyed it immensely, turning to one of his earlier works, and especially one so well received, was an easy choice. “Ghost Soldiers” shows Sides at his historical and even sociological best, bringing a well beyond horrifying story that began early in WWII and lasted for years to light. This is not just a book for history buffs or war story readers, this is one for everyone who cares for America and where it has been…

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