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God! We were looking all over for him!


Saxit says:

Breakfast in bed!

atlantisboy10 says:

if i fits, I soups

sagebrush says:

“A cat that leaps on a hot stove will never leap on a cold one.” – Mark Twain -sagebrush

justletmesignupalready says:

The cats in the number 34 at the Peking Moon*

LordPuffington says:

I don’t like those last two lines. I am actually mildly aggravated.

InsertCleverUserNameandAddSatan says:

If I fitz, I sitz

MerryWives says:

If I fits…

JustinWare says:

kung meow kittu .. mmm .. yummy!

artteacherkat says:

Me, too!

KrustySmegma says:

Kitty Stew!

lordlicorice says:

There… aren’t… enough… syllables…

JimmyWorkman says:

“If it fits, I sits.”

AceOfSpades5019 says:

LtCmmdrData says:

ratcatatouille (a cat stuffed with a rat. similar to TurkDucKen, but not as common)

MachManMkII says:

Step 1: Install lid. Step 2: Secure lid. Step 3: Tap side of pot with spoon.

OrionRed says:


ivancicas says:

I thought of naming my cat Jesus

sowhatsinaname says:

Wow I lol for 10 min!!

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