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Google CEO Larry Page Makes First Speaking Appearance in Months


Google CEO Larry Page, who rankled investors with his disappearance over the past few months from the company’s public events because of a vague medical condition affecting his voice, re-emerged Tuesday for an interview at Google’s Zeitgeist Americas conference in Arizona.

Those who have heard Page speak before will notice his voice is higher and he speaks in more measured tones. (For a comparison, see the video below.) Officially, the company has noted that the CEO lost his voice and has chronically delicate vocal cords. Nevertheless, Page’s appearance should reassure skeptics. It’s unclear, however, if Page will be speaking during the company’s third-quarter earnings call, which is scheduled for Thursday.

During his close-to-40-minute talk, Page made a cheeky reference to Apple’s recent trouble with Maps: “We’re excited that other people are starting to notice that we worked hard on [Google Maps] for seven years.”

Page also defended the company’s new privacy policy and discussed Google’s self-driving cars and Google Glass. “It’s an amazing device,” Page said. “Every time I use it, I feel like I’m living in the future.”

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