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Got this bad boy for Christmas. I love my parents♥


kendrickmeadows1 says:


djkee says:

I would be your portal gun 😀

Tkaz says:

The Image is a lie

Nemrodh says:

I do too. can i get there email, so i can ask for you hand..

osgorb says:

I love you.

aspirations says:

Can we have more pictures of your lips!? Also that is a badass gift!

Torshten says:

I am impressed…. by the girl, holding a portal-gun while putting up the duckface, in a pic which is upvoted. That’s just sick.

JimmySaville says:

HOT GIRL!? PORTAL GUN!? Nothing screams Merry Christmas like Portal and Titties.

frozenwhitelight says:

Ridiculously gorgeous girl holding a portal gun? I think I’m gonna die…

HolyFelacioBatMan says:

Not Portal savvy, assume is glowing dildo

IAlreadyReachedImguriteSoIDontCareAboutMyPointsAnymore says:


link7nerevar says:

Portal between my room and yours please, k, thanks.

HereticLoyalist says:

Oh man, those are some beautiful lips.

hyjnx says:

hey girl, hey

Hescher says:

if u come to germany, call me ? 😀

Kalass says:

marry me an d let me use it please

MaxPatlick says:

best anything ever. Marry me, then divorce me and let me keep the gun… you can have the house and kids.

brojanhorse says:

Creeps McGee, brah. Kinda weird

mistersmiff says:

absolutely beautiful. forget the gun. more of that face please

ballisticburrito says:

I take the lack of a response as a ‘no’..oh well..was worth a shot I guess. :p

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