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Gravity: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Jon Broxton says:

The majesty – and terror – of space There has never quite been a film like Gravity. In terms of plot, it’s fairly thin – two astronauts, played by George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, suffer a disaster while repairing the Hubble space telescope, and are left floating stranded in space, desperately trying to find a way to safety, and to home. Instead, it is the scope and majesty of Alfonso Cuarón’s film that takes audiences to a completely new sensory place. Space has never seemed so vast, so vivid, so beautiful, so…

JMM says:

Gravity – Original Score “Gravity” is a fantastic score, one of my favorites of the year. The early tracks have a lot of variety – some evoke a sense of thrills/danger, while others are very calm and fill the listener with a sense of wonder. The tracks near the end of the album (particularly the final three tracks) seem to tie all the themes and emotions together in a way that is dazzling to the ears. I’ve rarely enjoyed a film score this much on a first listen; and I feel the music will only get better the more you…

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