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Greek Nationalist Party’s American Website Is Back In Action

Greek far-right nationalist party Golden Dawn’s American website was shut down back in September, but it looks like it appeared back online in December to little fanfare. An item from the new site was sent out in an email blast on Monday afternoon.

Golden Dawn, famous for using Nazi symbolism and for when one of its politicians hit two rival female politicians in the face on national television, has set up a mysterious outpost in Astoria, Queens, where their shadowy presence has worried the local community. Their website disappeared in September, and Anonymous took credit.

The new website promises to “encounter the unjust propaganda and the misinformation that has been expanding by anti-Greeks or misinformed people.”

By way of explanation for its disappearance: “The reason is that we had to organize appropriately, for the organization to operate correctly.”

The item sent out to Golden Dawn’s list was concerned with rebutting charges allegedly leveled at Golden Dawn accusing them of planning an attack on Syriza (a leftist Greek party) leader Alexis Tsipras during his visit to the New York’s CUNY Graduate Center. Golden Dawn accuses one Allan Akrivos, who spoke at an event in Queens opposing Golden Dawn in October, for originating the rumor. At any rate, there are no reports of Tsipras having been attacked during his visit.

“The Golden Dawn of North America is actually satisfied with the presence of Mr. Tsipras here in the States, because he reconfirmed the Greek-Americans that he is willingly selling the name of Macedonia, and that he is the real bigot, as he doesn’t tolerate any nationalistic views, but only his leftist globalist anarchy,” the webmaster, Ioannis Grammatikos, writes.

“Mr. Tsipras came in the states to gain support from the bankers, some intellectual snobs, and some dirty ‘leftists’ (like some occupy Wall Street people), who supported and participated in his events.”

Elsewhere in Golden Dawn news: the North American chapter looks to have launched a podcast, which is being met with approval on white-supremacist site Stormfront.

Grammatikos didn’t respond to queries about the new website or about the alleged planned attack on Alexis Tsipras.

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