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Guys it finally happened!


micromelissa says:


Tcsailer says:

well not his dad

Dayneee says:

We are all proud.

kerisek says:

fuck yeah, tyrone

weavehole says:

Did he make a little stool?

SirAwesomeTheThird says:

aaaand then he woke up in jail.

bustyblonde says:

I’ll never get one of those

flounderflound says:

’bout damn time.

polr13 says:

Good for you, Tyrone.

refusetolurk says:

It’s about time Tyrone.

monsterofpoop says:

Nigga still stole my bike

The1stCitizenOfTheInternet says:

And he let it go, which relieved his constipation.

TheSuspense says:

You’re sideburns are uneven. Get your shit together Tyrone!

DjiboutianViking says:


SirAwesomeTheThird says:

Perhaps because your name is not Tyrone?

GoGoPowerRangersssZEEOOO says:

Tyrone got his shit together yo! Now we wait until he loses his shit again

Hankryguitar says:

I feel like I’ll be waiting for this for the next eighty years.

CaptainGiraffehands says:

What a beautiful afro

vertebraes says:

I wish I could get a trophy like this.

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