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Harley-Davidson Men’s Badlands Boot,Black,7 M


Anonymous says:

2nd pair of Harley boots I’ve owned . . .1st pair lasted for years which makes them worth the price!!! I specifically went looking for Harley boots last year (2014 — yes I’m a little late on my review), because my 1st pair were comfy and lasted me for so many years. My only complaint is your feet can get extremely cold if you don’t wear the appropriate socks. I live in MA and we had a brutal winter last year between the cold and the snow, but as long as I had nice thick socks on my feet stayed warm and dry. I recommend these boots to anyone looking to make an investment because you won’t be…

Anonymous says:

Ouch. I can’t wear them These boots make my feet feel like they’re broken after wearing them one day. Is like there’s a rim around the outside edge of the inside of the boot, causing my feet to sink in a little in the middle. I’ve tried wearing them several times all with the same results. I can wear them when I ride but not if there’s any walking involved. Also you can’t get them tight around your ankle. The strings don’t go up high enough, so they always feel lose. And they offer no ankle…

Anonymous says:

I’m sure they worked better for other people I’m sure they worked better for other people. Wore em about a month and they just hut my feet more than helped. The tightness for me was on the top of the foot, right at the bottom of the laces. Even with no laces in the boot, that part pressed down pretty hard and just made for an uncomfortable day. I have big feet and ordered the right size but my toe was just up against the toe of the boot. So it fit lengthwise but barely. The width was fine but the … height? … that’s where the pinching…

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