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has it been taken far enough yet?


curtSM4SH says:

Ha!… oh.

yesiamagirlobsessedwithfootball says:

But did you still fuck her is the real question

Grumblecorn says:

Take it farther. 8 year old son coming out of the closet, perhaps?

Thispostisaboutacat says:

Humor so dark it’s cotton pickin hilarious.

TrueWhiteAfrican says:

I feel like a bad person for loving this meme

HiImMrMeeseeks says:

This is why you clean on a schedule OP. God forbid you need to store other bodies at the same time!

nnmrktrn says:

This is the first time I kind of guessed what was going to happen in this meme. I don’t know how I should feel about it.

emdamncare says:

Humor so dark it screams MONICAAA

moxymox says:

It’s really odd and quirky that you like this extremely popular meme.

PeanutBuddha says:

Oh the feels. And the smells.

Hankryguitar says:

This comment comes up every time one of these is posted

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