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Hashtag time: Concepts too difficult for progressives to understand!/MBGlenn/status/229653713944461313

Running down the list of concepts that progressives can’t grasp could take quite a while, but here are a few:

#ConceptsProgressivesCantGrasp My money is my money.

— Scott P (@DeuceFive25) July 29, 2012

#ConceptsProgressivesCantGrasp Regulations kill jobs.

— Peyton James (@peytonjames) July 29, 2012

#ConceptsProgressivesCantGrasp That America is not happy with the direction Obama has taken us, and that he will lose in November

— Bella Pelosi (@BellaPelosi) July 29, 2012

“@ArtbyAVVOHS: #ConceptsProgressivesCantgrasp Your free stuff costs someone else.”

— Manny (: (@MannyGomez24) July 29, 2012

#ConceptsProgressivesCantGrasp Why people want goverment out of their lives #tcot #Tlot #obamafail

— ┌П┐(•_•) (@exposeliberals) July 29, 2012

#ConceptsProgressivesCantGrasp Conservatives don't hate the poor. We would just rather not have them dependent on the government. #tcot

— Amy Lutz (@amylutz4) July 29, 2012

#ConceptsProgressivesCantGrasp: Government is tyrannical by nature and must be restrained.

— BreitTwit (@BreitTwit1) July 29, 2012

#ConceptsProgressivesCantGrasp Dead people aren't allowed to vote.

— Leah (@oooitsleah) July 29, 2012

#ConceptsProgressivesCantGrasp Obama's "stash" is, in reality, everyone else's wallet.

— Robert Laurie (@RobertLaurie) July 29, 2012

Your parents want you to move out of their basement #ConceptsProgressivesCantGrasp

— Stuart (@Ringo6) July 29, 2012

But, at least there are the #ProgressiveOlympics to fall back on.

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