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He arrived a little too late


Fenrari says:

You can clearly see the guy on the ground flailing for him.

TheRepublican says:

“Officer, officer! My neighbors! A mother and father, I saw them killed in a back alley! Officers, please help!”

vorduul says:

Someone’s stuffing his shirt…

TheCanadaOfAmerica says:

Why so late?

geeksrock says:

Batman is never late. He arrives exactly when he wants to.

championoftheworld says:

I have failed justice!

raoulduke25 says:

Or maybe his work is done and he’s now letting the authorities handle it.

rubyourbeardonme says:

Maybe he arrived before the police, and now he’s watching the criminals he caught being served a big ol’ plate of JUSTICE.

SerendipityMyDear says:

Don’t be ridiculous. Batman is never late. Clearly the villains were early.

rubmyphil says:

and the joker took ballet

ICouldBeExaggeratingBut says:

This is the single worst thing ever done by a superhero.

SonnyWho1972 says:

Some men.. just wanna watch police work.

HaywoodJaBlowmeh says: I’ll just leave this here.

dmoyer91 says:

That’s what she said, never.

JustBeinMyself says:

this is actually kinda depressing when u think about it. Guess i need another drink

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