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He Survived A Crash That Decapitated Him, But He Married His Love Before Dying

In 2014, Tony Cowan survived a car wreck that left him internally decapitated. Two years later, however, his pain had become unbearable. Cowan was ready to be removed from his ventilator but had one final request. He wanted to marry the love of his life before passing away.

After the tragic car wreck in 2014, doctors said Cowan would die in a matter of days. He’d suffered massive spinal cord injuries, his head was snapped from his spine, and he’d already died once and been resuscitated at the scene of the accident. The family and the victim’s girlfriend, Karen Dawson, were advised to say their goodbyes and disconnect life support.

Miraculously, the day before they pulled the plug, his eyes opened. Doctors had no explanation, but nevertheless, Cowan was alive. For the next two years, he continued to fight for his life with more bravery, strength, and courage than most of us could ever muster.

Before the accident, U.K.-based Cowan and Dawson were an average couple. They’d planned to get married, but nothing was official yet.

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Then came the tragic accident that changed everything. Internally, Cowan had been decapitated. Miraculously, his muscle, tissue, and skin remained intact. Nevertheless, he was almost completely paralyzed and suffered from daily, debilitating pain.

The pain was so intense that Cowan asked his mother to end his life on multiple occasions. She said, “Seeing your only son, lying crying, asking to end his life is a feeling I cant describe. It’s just so heartbreaking.”

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After intense rehabilitation and therapy, he was able to go home. Dawson became his round-the-clock caregiver, doing everything she could to give him a normal life. She told Metro UK, “We would stay up late watching films, order takeaways. We were together all the time.”

Finally, in December 2016, Cowan couldn’t take the pain anymore. He asked doctors to take him off his ventilator — and he asked his favorite lady for her hand in marriage.

The pair was married in the hospital and spent several days together before he passed away. Despite the tragic circumstances, Dawson wants everyone to know that she was “proud of him.”

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Our hearts go out to Karen Dawson and the Cowan family during this tragic time. Share this story with family and friends as a reminder to cherish each and every day.

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