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Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span (Health Promotion Throughout the Lifespan (Edelman))

With the advent of health care reform and an emphasis on reducing health care costs, health promotion and disease prevention is a priority in nursing care. Be prepared with Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span, 8th Edition, your comprehensive guide to major health promotion concepts. Featuring practical guidance – including boxes on diversity awareness, evidence-based practice, innovative practice, hot topics, and quality and safety as well as case studies and care plans – our experienced authors give you all the tools you need to stay current on the latest research and trends in health promotion.

Extensive coverage of growth and development throughout the lifespan emphasizes the unique problems and health promotion needs of each age and stage of development.Separate chapters on each population – group, individual, family, and community – stress the unique issues faced when providing care to each group. Evidence-Based Practice boxes emphasize current research efforts and opportunities in health promotion.Hot Topics and Innovative Practice boxes engage students’ interest by introducing significant issues, trends, and creative programs and projects in health promotion practice. Diversity Awareness boxes address various cultural perspectives and provide important information that needs to be considered in planning care.Case studies and care plans present realistic situations that challenge students to reflect upon important health promotion concepts.Think About It boxes dig deeper into the chapter topic and encourage critical thinking. Numerous pedagogical features such as objectives, key terms, and textual summaries highlight the most important concepts and terms in each chapter.NEW! Healthy People 2020 boxes include related goals and objectives for each chapter to address emerging health issues and health priorities over the next decade. NEW! Quality and Safety scenarios include examples and suggestions to encourage quality and safety in nursing.NEW! Redesigned Nutrition chapter highlights the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the MyPlate food guide.NEW! Standard headings in the growth and development chapters reinforce the concepts of Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns.  

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Social justice textbook for nurses

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Required Reading But Book Was A Good Companion To Class

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Schools need to choose a different book!!! The book contains NUMEROUS errors!!!!! I also paid the publisher for a subscription to the tools on the books website and found MANY errors in the online quizzes. I contacted the book’s publisher and they responded that they would “check into it”. For example,one question asked “which woman…” and the answers were 1. A woman…. 2.A homeless man… 3. A child .. 4. An infant… According to the website, the answer was supposed to be “the infant…” How could the…

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