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Hefty Ultra Strong Tall Kitchen Trash Bags – Clean Burst, 13 Gallon, 80 Count

We’ve re-engineered our 13 gallon trash bags to be compatible with more kitchen cans, including Simplehuman Size J cans, and added a powerful combination of features. Watch these heavy duty trash bags stretch and expand to accommodate oversized loads without breaking or leaking thanks to our puncture-resistant Triple Action Technology. Hefty Ultra Strong scented trash bags feature a patented Arm & Hammer odor neutralizer that keeps your kitchen smelling clean and fresh. A break-resistant, gripping drawstring holds your garbage bag in place and prevents it from falling into the can. When it’s time to carry the garbage to the curb or dumpster, this secure drawstring closure on the trash bag keeps all your waste neatly contained. Put these 13 gallon scented trash bags to the test in your home, and remember to clip the Box Tops for Education coupon on every box of Hefty trash bags that provides much-needed cash to your favorite school. All Hefty tall kitchen garbage bags are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Product Features

  • This package contains 80 Hefty Ultra Strong, white, 13 gallon trash bags with Clean Burst scent, each 0.9 mil thick
  • Hefty’s strongest tall kitchen trash bags deliver toughness you can trust to help contain the mess of a busy kitchen
  • Patented Arm & Hammer odor neutralizer fights nasty odors to keep your kitchen smelling fresh
  • The Ultra Strong 13 gallon trash bag size is shorter than some tall kitchen trash bags when empty due to Hefty’s powerful Triple Action Technology, which allows the trash bag to stretch to resist tears, punctures and leaks
  • Break-resistant, secure-grip drawstring fits snugly over trash can and prevents trash can liners from sliding down

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Anonymous says:

So long, Hefty.

Anonymous says:

Where did the quality go? Unfortunately either Hefty’s quality standards have gone downhill, or this specific item is some kind of knockoff or the “damaged” stuff that the stores declined. I’ve had these Hefty Ultra Strong Tall Kitchen Bags on my Subscribe and Save subscription for a while now. But the box I received 2 shipments ago was smaller in diameter than before (have to stretch really hard to get it around the rim of my trashcan. And the last box I received, the drawstring sleeve didn’t get connected… it’s just…

Anonymous says:

I will not buy these again. They do not appear to be any stronger than any other brand and I feel Hefty products weret much better in the past than the ones I purchased today! UPDATE..It is now 9-3-19 and I am updating my review of this product. The more I use these bags, the less I like them. They definitely are NOT super strong and in my opinion, not strong at all. They tip and tear when you put a good amount of garbage in them and they rip and tear at the top (strings) when getting them…

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