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Here Imgur, have a list of ten random and interesting facts.


BloodyStupidJohnson says:

Has the man in France never heard of curtains ?

Azrael622 says:

As far as I know China specifically only banned the Dalai Lama from reincarnating.

Azrael622 says:

American Idol: Dolpins?

DerelictJustice says:

That first one escalated quickly. lol. At least we now know that they do have languages.

MUHAHAHA55 says:

That guy should have all sorts if aids to support disabled children everywhere, I shall call him “Aids man”…. on second thought…

guzzball says:

Fucking lucky dolphin..

mithgaladh says:

well Parisian are a special kind a French; Source: I’m French and lived in Paris for 6 months.

DukePaulAtreides says:

Time to play “I need a credible source on a whole bunch of these.”

dentd says:

This is definitely a mermaid interpretation I can get behind.

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