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Heroes Reborn: Captain America

On the Earth of Heroes Reborn, Steve Rogers seems to have found the life of his dreams, but it’s up to Nick Fury and the Falcon to awaken him to his role of Captain America! It’s new origins for old enemies when Cap faces even darker versions of the Red Skull and the Sons of the Serpent! Also starring Rikki “Bucky” Barnes, later seen in Thunderbolts! Collects Captain America (Vol. 2) #1-12

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N. Durham "Big Evil" says:

Cap reborn, sort of In the mid-90’s, Marvel decided to conclude their much maligned Onslaught storyline with the deaths of many of their top tier heroes. The Fantastic Four, Captain America, Iron Man, and the rest of the Avengers, all bought the big one as their respective titles were canned and re-launched with a new direction (allegedly) as Marvel teamed up with Wildstorm (before they became part of DC) to produce some new takes on old stories. Rob Liefeld, the man who can be blamed for the ultra muscled heroes…

David C. Broussard says:

Sort of like Captain *Yawn* This series is set in a “pocket universe” where Cap has been briefly rebooted from scratch. Heroes Reborn Iron Man and Fantastic Four are better reads. Pick this one up, along with Heroes Reborn Avengers, if you absolutely feel you have to complete the set. There’s a lot of flash but very little substance to the Liefeld era Captain. Cable shows up for no real reason and it’s never followed up on. And by era, I mean six issues. It gets better in the second half with James Robinson taking over…

Anonymous says:

I am not a huge Captain America comic fan. I love the concept, and I really enjoy the WWII story lines of Cap…but when he is in his own book in modern times somehow the story lines seem to be…lame. My introduction to Cap was through the Avengers and I always loved the ideals that he set forth when compared to Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk, etc. So, when I saw this book I figured that it would be a great way to get into Cap in his own book.So, why did this not appeal to me? I…

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