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Heroes Reborn


xenathewarriorprincesswashot says:

Shave the cheerleader

Interiordebater says:


daxx0r says:

Of all the shows that could have been revived…

TheBitSlinger says:

I read that as “suave the cheerleader”.

Glumerlink says:

it has been over a decade, do you really want to risk it not being like you dreamed it would be?

badapparu says:

Come know, we all know Joss Whedon series either die amazing or run long enough to become things we hate.

F1veN1ne says:

Oh… I got time

F1veN1ne says:

By then I’ll probably forget all about it and be like “oh damn ! Heroes reboot !”

tanstaafl74 says:

Mad at math for not letting me agree more than 100%.

iamireland says:

You’re right, I’m not sure where I got my thing from.

SanDimasHighschoolFootball says:

“your” lol

9311533 says:

rape the cheeleader is what everyone wanted to happen

SanDimasHighschoolFootball says:

You realise that people who defend their illiteracy with “nuh-uh but my argument!” aren’t right, and are still illiterate, yes?

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