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Geowyn says:

This makes me laugh every time I see it

meepmeepmerp says:

Pug life

WonkySeaDonkey says:

I always upvote pugs

badapparu says:

Jesse Pugman.

TheSaniss says:

No matter how hundreds of times this get reposted, it’ll never get old.

EchoesOfOld says:

Someone recaptioned this to be relevant to me being a party crasher. Fun times… XD

Poseidon114 says:


DoctorMe says:

*tst* You don’t own me ! -_-

LlamaWearingPajama says:

My all-time favorite GIF

Afrodwarf says:

$’ wat

alakai66 says:


cowabunga410 says:

Pugs are the sassiest fuckin animals.

ohno156 says:

This dog represents every 12 year old on CoD

Creamyman says:

this is the story of black girls.

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