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Hold my beer…


ClarkWGriswold says:

Who is this Lecrae chap, and where can I find him? I’d like to shake his hand.

achujciwcycki says:

oh, so you’re one of those people who take gangsta rap seriously?

Destro2077 says:

A credit to his race you say? One of the good ones?

littlesallywalker says:

Rap artist. Really talented guy.

ClarkWGriswold says:

A credit to the human race.

FootyPooty says:

“Lacrae” what’s with black people and stupid names?

Jumpinjackieflash says:

He’s on Twitter, and is a Christian musician.

preacherman says:

he is a christian rapper as a middle aged white guy I saw him in concert and was not alone he has a song called fakin that is awesome

IamSithFitz says:

He is actually a Christian rap artist. He is fantastic though.

Motty says:

probably around the same answer as “what’s with people who are unable to copy text that’s written in front of them?”

SensibleGuy says:

He makes not only some of the best christian rap, but some of the best rap PERIOD.

affablebowelsyndrome says:

Says FootyPooty…

oopieceofcandy says:

Did security for them at a concert. Some of the nicest people you will meet!

clemsonsucks says:

Fucking awesome title.

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