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Home Book of Taxidermy and Tanning: The Amateur’s Primer on Mounting Fish, Birds, Animals, Trophies

All the basics for turning out successful taxidermy and tanning projects. Step-by-step instructions are wasy to follow and fully illustrated.

Product Features

  • Information on how to preserve all sizes of animals Information on how to mount trophies 12 different tanning techniques

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Anonymous says:

I ordered the kindle edition to have it handy. The downside is using the kindle during any of the work. There is always a lot of biological matter to deal with without contaminating your kindle. Best to print out any notes or information before starting if you need the back up. I like the fact that it offers many options. It would help to have more of the pros and cons discussed.Don’t just try to start without some research. Learning this by trial and error could be tough and…

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