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How I've felt the past two years


kcloud says:

And here’s one more

Splaat says:

Why do apes have big nostrils? Because they have big fingers.

9thDr says:

I’ll allow it.

ThatOneGirlThatYouThinkYouKnowButYouReallyDont says:

That smug look..

AustralianHandstandChamp says:

Sorry reddit OP, if you wanted more meaningless and valuless points, you should’ve asked. I can mail you some.

opium4oxygn says:

look at that smug ass smile


Me toooo!

IllKissyouonthemouthKennyRogers says:

Cheeky little gorilla…

TheresACelloInYourHouseNow says:

As someone who began commenting for the first time today, I get STOKED for any upvote. +1? CELEBRATION.

Bluefire72195 says:

Story of my life.

thegeekdad says:

Not any more!

SmegT says:

you mean 2 or -4?

Namesarehardtothinkof says:

Someone did this already.

Iamnotacreativeman says:

WTF I’d be lucky to get 2 upvotes. What incantation one must chant to break the avg 2 upvotes?

mogwa1 says:

You’ve had more that one upvote? Wow!

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