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How To Be A Journalist, According To Rory Gilmore

1. Choose your typeface carefully. There’s nothing worse than using a bad font for your print or online publication.

That means you, Comic Sans.

2. Grammar, syntax, diction, and AP Style are all important parts of life.

3. When Christiane Amanpour strolls through your hometown, introduce yourself. Even if you’re in your pajamas.

8. Be flexible with your coverage before you settle into a specific beat.

9. Realize you may not love your first gig, but everyone has to start somewhere.

11. Pursue opportunities in online journalism because… it’s 2013.

12. Do whatever’s necessary to get the scoop on a story, even if it means stepping outside of your comfort zone.

13. Coffee = your best friend.

14. It’ll get you through all of your assignments.

15. It’s also an essential afternoon pick-me-up.

16. And don’t forget to find the coffee machine on your first day of work!

17. Always be willing to learn new things and expand your knowledge.

18. Figure out the fastest way to transcribe your interviews.

19. It’s important to keep up with all the news, all the time.

20. Pay attention to current events.

21. Bonding with your fellow editorial staff is fun. So are paper hats.

22. Be your own fact-checker, and do it well.

23. Don’t let anyone get in the way of your dreams.

24. Take the job covering the underdog.

28. You never know what may come of it.

29. Tackle subjects that are important to you — write what you love, and be passionate about what you do.

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