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How to disappoint everyone early in the morning and keep the vegans at bay


MrBoomstik says:

This is a mean prank to pull on someone

Ozair2k says:

I’m sure it tastes just as good as it smells. Fuck safety instructions.

utopiaa says:

That’s just mean.

HasturTheUnnamable says:

Why do you want to keep vegans at bay?

ThomasTheDankEngine says:


WeedlordBonerLover69 says:

ha h ahah bacon lmao epic win epic for the winnery ragefacerageface

otfbeacon says:

Pro tip: If you’re out of bacon, fried Spam makes a decent emergency substitute.

MisterPistachio says:

Do… do they have baking cookies/brownies?

prattleassassin says:

Better trolling is to do some old-school baking of cookies using bacon fat. Smells one way, tastes another.

RotundChap says:

And the award for “Dick Move of The Year” goes to….

SerialVandal says:

That’s likely to keep everyone away. Why not just punch them in the face as well?

Fafaa says:

Clearly you’re now butthurt because farrisbris called you out. Keep working on your “jokes” bro.

Fafaa says:

Oh cry a little harder.

Fafaa says:

Lol I don’t give a flying fuck about shitty internet kamra. Downvote all my shit and see if I care. Pretentious dick cheese.

Fafaa says:

But seriously, you’re behaving just as badly as I am and you continuing rebuttal just means you want the last word. So have it. See ya.

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