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How to Get a Better Tan: Home Remedies for Tanning and Self Tanning: Home Remedies for Tanning, Self Tanning and Tanning Tips

Learn to get that Perfect Sunkissed skin!

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We all want to achieve that perfect look. Looking good gives us that confidence and that air in our stride when we walk down that street, which is why we spend hours after hours on make-up, on shopping for the clothes to impress, for that hairstyle that would complement our facial features and other things.

One of the most common struggles we face these days in terms of looking good is how to get a better tan, beauty tips on what people often refer to as being “sunkissed.” Little do they know, there is more to just lying down bare under the sun, and that you can get a tan without spending all those painful hours under the it, and getting the risk of skin cancer, there are actually a lot of other techniques to get beauty light, home remedies for tanning beauty tips and strategies involved to get the tan you often see on those gorgeous Hollywood stars.

This book offers an inside look into the proven steps and strategies to answer your question – how to get a better tan. All the needed techniques and tips are now under your fingertips.

You will learn home remedies for tanning, steps to take for sunless tanning as well as general tips on what to do to avoid a tan that could go wrong. Every method to suit your skin type, needs as well as ways to work around your skin conditions.

What to expect from each method, as well as the precautions to take to make sure you don’t ruin your skin and more!

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No other book provides a more detailed insight into proper tanning, all the information is right here, so make good use of it, and start flaunting that golden skin.

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