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How To Get Sponsored (Brand Deals, Free Products & More): For YouTube creators, Instagram influencers & any digital star

In this book we’ll discuss your value as a content creator and why you don’t need millions or even hundreds of thousands of followers to participate in brand deals. Whether you’re looking to bring in side income, get free products for your hobby or travel around for no cost, this book will give you actual working tips and tricks to make it happen. This book is no-frills. I could have made it hundreds of pages long but that’s a waste of both of our time. This book is a valuable resource you can easily flip back through to reference specific lines and sections that you can apply on a daily basis.My goal is for you to be able to consume this book fairly quickly and begin using it for your own brand. It doesn’t matter what your current combined following number is at because this book applies to everyone. If you’re a creator with a substantial following on multiple platforms but haven’t had luck with brand deals, there are many lessons included that will change the way you operate and ultimately result in more success. If you’re just getting started, you’ll learn easy ways to start making money and getting free products while also building a portfolio for future brand deals.With all of that covered, I invite you to begin your journey through the world of sponsorships and all that comes with it.

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