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How to Tan Skins the Indian Way


Minnesota Elder says:

A tourists guide to native tanning This book will provide you with an overview of one of the traditional native tanning processes (used primarily on Buffalo and Moose hides), but there is no-where near enough detail to actually do any tanning. sells two books that will give you the detail and expertise you need to tan skins “the Indian way”: DEERSKINS INTO BUCKSKINS: How to Tan with Natural Materials, and Wetscrape Braintan Buckskin. Get one or both if you want to do any tanning or want a much more…

Jacob P. Griffin says:

How to Tan Skins the Indian Way Excellent handbook of knowledge, including how every animal has enough brains to preserve it’s own hide. Illustrations are detailed and easy to interpret for the beginner as well as the survivalist. Handbook is small and easy to carry. It would take up little room in your cabin, tent or backpack.

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