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I found this hilarious


JesusVEVO says:

Also, it wasn’t getting upvotes and it looked stupid after a bit to me.

TheVirginBorn says:

nevertheless. don’t just post for the karma. I’ve got posts in the deep negatives, and I delete nothing.

kopinawa says:


HobbitHouse says:

So I can up vote in user submitted and again in viral?

IrishMuslim says:

such blasphemy. much offense. wow.

Phallus says:

What’s a “church”?

Starius says:

you mean Gode.

TheVirginBorn says:

nah, that wasn’t me. I don’t punish honesty. honest.

kekur says:

Very Doge. So sing.

Augui says:

Our doge in heaven, Shibe be thy name.

alvasalrey says:

In doge we trust

slidsilver says:

Who the fuck says this?

sugarshane says:

Long live the doge

anakin1729 says:

Praise the Doge!

Whatisthisshiz says:

One of my Facebook peoples posted this, saying it was a Moon Moon Meme… ~facepalm~

pehp says:

Embrace doge

accujimmy says:

Many doubt

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