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I miss grumpy cat


430pm says:

this is possibly the best tard meme (and i don’t particularly like them) that i’ve ever seen… have a like it… no have a love it

PeanutBuddha says:

Postcard from chemistrydoc from Transylvania.

Boomkitty2954 says:

Just saw her on TV. She is so tiny.

McTrick says:

O Negative cat.

Shamorza says:

Kind of relevant: Do animals have blood type?

Whogivesafuckaboutmyname says:

My cousin actually typed that. he said thank you though. <3

ghsdkgb says:

I know I’m getting downvoted, but Tard was seriously one of the most boring memes ever.

theincrediblemachine says:


Enidaj says:

I suppose I shouldn’t be so lazy and Googled it myself. Thanks.

tetrisGOAT says:

Grumpy cat doesn’t miss you back.

LoveEngineFive says:

Me too, Tard. Me, too.

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