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I said I would upload my sisters second-day wedding makeup look – here it is!


ThomasMontgomeryHaverford says:

As an American, it alternative to the norm even if it is not different than the global standard.

MaverickEsq says:

I’d eat a mile of her shit just to see where it came from.

theinternetisascaryplace says:

As an Anthropologist, please do not talk about culture like you know anything about it.

YoAllyWeirick says:

need more makeup…

mynamesdan says:

this is not relevant to my interests

ChaoticEnd says:

Can you believe they gave me the time off from the call center…

Jmckinney89 says:

TIL I want to marry someone from the Middle East. Apparently weddings are gorgeous and last longer than a day.

sowetoninja says:

he is not being judgmental, it’s just logical.

AmitNagpal1985 says:

THiS is INDIAN not Pakistani. All white ppl look the same to me too.

wietzz94 says:

Does it matter? I’d still tap dat.

pehelwan says:


atatica says:

All I can wish her is that this is not an arranged marriage for I know those tend to be traumatizing for women.

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