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I started a new job this week. I think it's pretty clear that I'm player 2


TheRealCJ says:

Man, these DLC packs are really getting out of hand…

ShamrockFury says:

Have fun with Hannibal, stay away from his mouth.

Crecia says:

Player number 2 is just as important. Just, less cool.

kingkev says:

Haha! I’m surprised it doesn’t have wagon wheels.

BadGrammerNazi says:

You gotta keep on truckin’, all the same

LeMoosh says:

I don’t get it.

MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

Mario always gets the good stuff.

Sklr5349 says:



I don’t really get that reference…

SirAwesomeTheThird says:

One day, after a lot of hard work, maybe you will be the one who uses the red move thingy.

Keleesi says:

You couldn’t be more level 1 if you tried

distractionfactory says:


PlutosBeard says:

chair sex…. can’t unsee

PhilFrox says:

All he wants is a hug:

maniakrx8 says:

or you could re-word it and say. “I’m a player, too”. Makes you sound less beta and more alpha.

area42 says:

Get a load of that!

DangerZoneh says:

It’s ok. After 10 years of sitting out of the spotlight, you’ll have your shot to roll that through a haunted mansion.

HarisBektesevic says:

well, when you go to someones house do you expect to get the nice controller?

dlozilgaii says:

Off brand controller for you, “it’s basically the same thing”

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