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I took this in Vancouver canada, couldnt sleep decided to make the best of my insomnia. A little bit of OC for you guys.


lanallaby says:


laughinglizzard says:

Was looking for a gif somewhere in this

allswellthatendswell says: completely different style but I like the dramatic crows in this one… kind of eery…

allswellthatendswell says:

That would have been awesome…. a boat in the background or something. Next time.

misspeanut says:

So proud 🙂

SurelyNotAWalrus says:

Did any ravens quothe to you

deathbykitteh says:

I’m trying to decide whether that is underwater or just wet…

ilariajade says:

I”m going there for the frist time at the end of the week. This makes me even more excited!

allswellthatendswell says:

where are you going to be staying in Vancouver?

ilariajade says:

At a hotel. My university choir is touring BC for a few days.

allswellthatendswell says:

thats awesome! you will have a nice time here, if you like the rain of course… haha

ilariajade says:

Well I’m near Seattle now, so kinda used to it 😛

allswellthatendswell says:

fair , fair. well I hope you have a good time here! enjoy the early mornings they are nice…

withoutanoar says:


mandzzz says:

One of my best friends is moving to Vancouver and as a photographer I’m really excited to go visit her to get shots like this!

allswellthatendswell says:

just have to wake up early! before sunrise. it is beautiful here.

mandzzz says:

So I’ve heard/seen!

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