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IAB offers a guide to simplify Advanced TV advertising

With “television” less of a channel these days and more of a metaphor that covers a lot of different delivery methods, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Video Center of Excellence is out with an effort to simplify the advanced and connected TV market for advertisers.

The initiative is called the Matrix of Advanced TV, and it includes a Market Snapshot reference guide. The title is an homage to the now-classic trilogy of Matrix sci-fi movies, where the true nature of reality was made bare by entering the Matrix.

The rewards of Advanced TV

Similarly, the IAB’s stated intention is to make clear the true nature of the confusing term, Advanced TV. Although a variety of definitions exist, the IAB defines it as including data-driven linear TV, on-demand TV and addressable TV, as well as the streaming services — frequently described as Over-the-Top TV (OTT) TV — that are available inside connected TVs or through attached boxes.

The downloadable Market Snapshot includes definitions, tables showing methods of ad delivery that compares broadcast, set-top box and streaming TV, and acronyms.

For advertisers, the effort to understand all of these different forms of the new television can be rewarded by the kind of targeted advertising that web sites are known for. By contrast, traditional TV advertising has been much more guided by buying audiences who might be attracted to a certain kind of programming. On the other hand, TV offers one advantage that video or web page viewing does not: a single ad is often seen by several viewers, instead of just one.

Recommendations for the ad industry

Because of these potential rewards, the IAB says that 60% of advertisers will increase their ad budgets this year for Advanced TV. To reach the potential of Advanced TV, IAB cites the recommendations of Marissa McArdle, VP of Digital Product Leadership at Nielsen.

She suggests the industry rally around these goals: a cross-platform measurement solution that utilizes the OTT Identifier for Advertising, a shift toward individual addressability in TV ads and not just households, and an industry-wide standard for metrics that covers both TV and digital video.

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