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Ice vikings love kittens!


mttbry says:

Ice vikings and I have that in common

legendarywaitforitdary says:

Someone photoshop Tard there not giving a fucp.


Is that not sand?

Avidinha says:

Little sand girl is wise to keep crazy cat dude at arms length.

FreckleCharms says:

Not sure if caption is stating a fact or merely naming four things found in the picture.

EvilPineapple says:

The pine trees in the back say: no.

CongaLineOfNeckbeards says:

It is sand.

zartog777 says:

You and I and Ice Vikings have that in common.

JoshMatos says:

Too bad they love kittens more than THEIR OWN DAUGHTER! *slams door*

Turtleskeeptheworldmoving says:

I’m thinking whoever did this sculpture is an Imgurian. I would like to continue thinking this.

Toggit says:

Rape, pillage, and kittens. I like it!

IDontKnowWhatUsernameToPick says:

One step closer to being an ice viking!

Skunkrat says:

If that is ice, those people have seriously misjudged what to wear.

theangrychairs says:


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