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If I Could Breathe Underwater, I’d Vacation In One Of These Places Every Year.

There are countless places all over the world that, once you see, you’ll never forget. Unfortunately, some of those amazing and unforgettable places just happen to really hard to get to. (I guess I’ll just spend my time off on the couch eating potato chips.) I know what you’re thinking, “If these places are so amazing, how have you not heard about them?”

Well, that’s probably because they’re underwater. Technically, you can visit them, but you’ll need some scuba gear.

Pavlopetri – Peloponnese, Greece

Boasting two-story homes and a complex water system, Pavlopetri was at one point very ahead of its time, then around 1000 BC it became submerged after a series of earthquakes.

Museo Subacuático de Arte – Cancún’, Mexico

Artist Jason de Caires Taylor has 400 of his statues on display in Cancún’s National Marine Park. The installation will slowly, but surely become a coral reef system that will create a boon for local aquatic life.

Neptune Memorial Reef – Key Biscayne, Florida

Modeled after Atlantis, this underwater mausoleum is worth a visit even if you don’t know anyone submerged there.

The Lost Villages – Canada

Ten communities were submerged (on purpose, the citizens were alerted in advance) to create the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

Underwater Post Office – Risør, Norway

If the line is too long, pretend you can see a shark.

Cleopatra’s Sunken Palace – Alexandria, Egypt

What are thought to be the ruins of Cleopatra’s royal quarters are entirely underwater–most likely because of earthquakes or tidal waves.

Jacob’s Well – Wimberly, Texas

The popular swimmin’ hole is comprised of four chambers. One is 30-feet-deep, the second is 80-feet-deep, and the third and fourth are even more difficult to reach.

Chuuk Lagoon – Micronesia

This lasting reminder of a World War II attack by the United States Navy on the Japanese is a popular destination for divers.

Green Lake – Tragoess, Austria

This underwater park comes to be each spring when the snow on the nearby mountains melt.

Weeki Wachee Springs – Spring Hill, Florida

Regardless of whether or not they’re real (seems like it’s impossible to tell), is there a better way to spend your time than hanging out with mermaids?

(via BuzzFeed, Huffington Post)

If this isn’t enough incentive to learn how to swim, I don’t know what is.

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