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If You See This Dollar Bill In Your Pocket, It Could Be Worth Thousands

Dollar bills these days are usually reserved for putting in change machines to get quarters for a car wash or doing your laundry.

Or you hit up a dollar store for an item or two. Or they are good for dropping tips for a bartender. In other words, dollar bills have mainly accessory value to them as you dont really make any big purchases when using them.

But, that could all change depending on the type of dollar bill you have in your wallet. There are certain dollar bills that you definitely do not want to drop in a tip jar as they could be worth thousands of dollars.

Open up your wallet and pull out all your dollar bills. You need to check to see if you have any of following number combinations.

This is what you want to look for:

1. 7 repeating digits in a row (such as 09999999 or 67777777).
2. 7 of a kind (such as 00010000 or 99999099).
3. Super repeaters (such as 67676767 or 58585858).
4. Double quads (such as 00009999 or 66667777).

These are some of the most valuable combinations which can be worth a whole lot more that the dollar it represents!

While these are some of the most valuable combinations, you can find the entire list of bills thatCool Serial Numbers will buy here. Good luck!

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