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Ill be a good boy


AnthologyofInterest says:

she seems like a bit of a bitch

mrbadxampl says:

my phone is smarter than I am

gookish says:

If you’re going to make and post a fake text screen cap, at the very least make it a funny one.

SirForeverAloneEsquireLe1stAndOnly says:

Yeah… I never understood this either. I’ve had a few people call the wrong number.

SphinxOfMagosi says:

No seriously, why? I’m geniouly curious.

lklein10 says:

Seriously I have never sent a text to the wrong person.

radicalpartydude says:

I think you need to take ask yourself that question and a good long look at yourself (inside and out). Then you can make this happen.

MADchemEE says:

…One of those texts that’s so good, you Google to make sure it’s not the BEST spam ever. His wife thought it was hilarious (2/2).

MaroonBunyip says:

You must hate comedies then.

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