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corvofay says:

I’m not sure if I should laugh because its funny or be said because you threatened to leave.

poetickraken says:

This is MRW I get downvoted

workinganimal says:

Don’t go OP! We need you!!!

98dave22 says:

I said this last time and I’ll say it again. As my mother would have said, “That wall gave her something to cry about!”

Raguleader says:

I’ve seen my cat do this.

sazbo says:

I laughed too much at this.

danescrossing says:

damn that wall came out of nowhere!!!

inthemorning says:

Good parenting 🙂

Impunbelievable says:

The wall of fame

fetterbender says:

Fuck you and your shenanigans! *boop*

jonsnowknowsnothing says:

I feel so bad watching this and laughing, but then I wait for it to repeat so I can laugh again. I am SO going to Hell.

mollyImalone says:

he won’t go, he can’t go, you can never leave Imgur [Epic diabolical laughter]

dwright1 says:

I HATE YOU…OW…and this wall.

AislinnMakes says:

“Ahh screw the whole thing”

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