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I'm no wadjet part 56


blockingthesky says:

Look, a new post that’s gonna do awesome! Um… Something witty, yay.

Drakeslade says:

So happy you’re back!

sugarshane says:

Just didn’t want to be a .. Lonely Giraffe

sugarshane says:

Hi, my name is Shane. Let’s have casual sex.

ienjoybrowsingimgur says:

None of you ever touch a penis

TheNASAUnicorn says:

LOL. “Buy friends” ….. Oh. You mean like a sorority or Fraternity?

eatpiewithface says:

Banana for… buoyancy?

IDownvoteMyOwnCommentsBecauseTheyUsuallySuck says:

Parents, if you find out your kids are playing IT Girl, then you should consider doing something.Only popular girls can shop here, really?

GrandeDorito says:

novelty accounts only work if other users can empathize towards them.

ImSoHungryICouldEatACoupleTacosOrABurgerOrSomethingIdk says:

*Nonstop roflcoptering*

worthycompass says:

Fitting username

CrimsonSix says:

I always downvote tumblr posts.

lazerhosen says:

I saw this comment before the picture and was like “Spange, yes, ‘to beg for spare change’.”

lazerhosen says:

100% sure that’s the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, FL. Was there just a few weeks ago and also a few years before that.

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