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I'm the world's first analyst and therapist!


iwilltakewhatyousaidandmakeitdirtysomehow says:

ouch a few downvotes I see, someone must’ve got… butt hurt

trollprozac says:

People aren’t taking the time to read… read before you downvote.

trollprozac says:

I see what you did there….

Hedon says:

Tobias the never nude

kcloud says:

According to my prison record, it looks like I’m a analyst and therapist too!

mentasm says:

*Insert your American Psycho business card reference of choice here.

SNASH72 says:

“I’ll take the anal rapist for four hundred Trebeck.”

IveBeenOnHereForHours says:

Arrested Development PEOPLE! If you haven’t seen it, do it now.

TheOwnerOfThisAccountIsStupid says:

Butt, do you FEEL it?

TheOwnerOfThisAccountIsStupid says:

Sorry, that was really bad; I couldn’t help myself.

squweable says:

I can’t wait for this show to come back +1

ourari says:

Space matters.

jordanjust says:

+1 Anything Arrested Development

DelleFace says:

I just blue myself!

EmceeLiquidConfidence says:

I mustn’t tell lies. I’m extremely jealous of your last name.

beijomacio says:

he worked wonders with White Power Bill.

NotTube says:

“It’s not the pronunciation that worries me!”

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