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Imagine Looking Up At The Sky And Seeing THIS. And That’s Just The Beginning Of This Guy’s Day.

Mike Hollingshead loved storms so much, he decided to quit his solid day job at a corn plant. He had been obsessed with the natural phenomena since he was a child, and he finally decided to do something about it. He became a storm chaser, which meshed well with his hobby as a photographer. The result is one of the most beautiful and shocking things we have ever seen.

Mike used to work at a corn plant, but his dream was to follow his passion.

So, he quit.

He wanted to be a storm chaser.

The photographer mixed his passions together…

And the result is simply stunning.

Mike proves that sometimes you just have to follow your dreams.

Now, he has made storm chasing is full-time job.

Mike currently lives in Tornado Alley, giving him plenty of chances to capture some truly stunning images.

“I always watched storms from town as a kid, but I didn’t set out on my first actual chase until 1999.”

“I got a tornado that first chase and have been hooked since. So often, the crazy-looking type of storms don’t last very long.”

“What I like most about storms is that they are alive.”

This is just one of those instances that prove following your dreams is always the right call. You can find Mike on Facebook or visit his Web site. But first, share this awesome work below.

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