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Imgur today


PrincessNausicaa says:

Best. Day. Ever.

matrokkit says:

imgur needs more pussy …

ronswansonisthereasonihaveadadfetish says:

It’s all about the kitties!

CallMeEiffelPlower says:

This selfie. This selfie I like.

CallMeEiffelPlower says:

TIL cats are on imgur taking selfies

SlightlyNormal says:

You and I have very different definitions of a good day. If I wanted to look at attention whoring, id stay on facebook.

loerdag says:

I don’t think it’s attention whoring, but I do think these “selfie”-days are the worst.

SlightlyNormal says:

Have you seen the usersub/most popular + hide viral? That’s pure attention whoring, here’s a fine example:

loerdag says:

I have not seen that one, but a lot of the others are just selfies.

KatiesGonnaBeOkay says:

oh goodness, those whittle teeth!

geojoey says:

Does that cat have people teeth?

sgtgooch says:

#hoomansatstore #timetofuckshitup

KendelVentonda says:


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